Monday, March 26, 2012

Overheard: be careful what you say

Over the weekend, Brian overheard Eli and Braedy talking about how Texas is "dumb." Today, Braedy came up to me, proud as a peacock, and said, "Mom! I can't wait to tell Eli this!". That, in itself, is a rarity. So, when I asked why he was so excited, this was his story. During some song or pledge they sing regarding Texas at school today, he sang, "Texas, our Texas, so wonderful and so dumb" rather than "so wonderful and great" because apparently, Eli convinced him that would be funny. And, in the process, Eli told him that every day last year HE said those words, too. Braedy had the good sense to whisper "so dumb", but some of the other kids heard him. Eli adamantly denied planting the idea in Braedy's head and ever saying that last year, he said anything of the sort. But, overall we're laughing not only at Braedy's audacity, but Eli's tenacity. And, honestly, we have been waiting for this moment for years. We always thought Eli could convince Braedy to do things, and Braedy would do them if he thought they were funny. Ah; such a proud parenting moment.

This evening, Braedy said: "Mom, if I put this in my butt, I would know where it is!"Insert "as$" and hear Brian saying, if it was in your ____ you'd know where it was", and you'll know where Braedy learned that saying.

Finally, we had our first sweet corn of the season tonight.

While eating it, Braedy observed, "you know, if you take these little pieces off of this big thing, you get corn!". Indeed you do, little man.

Soccer coach

Eli started his soccer season earlier this spring, and, though practices have been well-run and really quite helpful, the games are proving to be another issue entirely. In fact, we're actively discouraging Eli from attending since the coaches are only rotating defenders, causing Eli to sit out more than one quarter while the rest of the "good" members of the team nearly pass out from heat exhaustion. Top that off with Eli asking, "Doesn't my team think they can win if I'm playing?" and we are just disappointed.

At any rate, I finally went to my first game of the season and hoped to take pictures, but Eli didn't really even get near the ball. Really; I thought soccer at this age was supposed to be about FUN and skill acquisition! Who knows at this age who will be good enough to play beyond youth soccer. I digress...

Anyway, for those of you non-Texans, I also thought you'd enjoy this picture showing what Eli's coach wore to Saturday's game, played in 85 degree temps.

Gotta love Texas.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Productive morning

This morning, I woke up around 5, and although I didn't work out, by 7:00 I had emptied the dishwasher, made scones from scratch, packed Eli's lunch, served Eli and Braedy breakfast, emptied the trash, cleaned the cat litter and started a load of laundry. I was proud of myself, and thrilled that Owen slept through the night, without so much as a peep. And thankfully, the rest of the day proved not to be too taxing, either.

Owen was a much happier, less whiny kid than he's been in recent history. He napped! I spent the morning with a friend. It got up to 80 degrees! Plus, I started my new "try not to go crazy on soccer practice nights" dinner plan, which essentially is NO DINNER, just snack type foods. It went surprisingly well; a calmer mom is always better for everyone. 

Today is "embrace the camera" day, and today goes down as a success in my book.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Resourceful little imp

Soccer practice is making dinner time a whole new shade of chaos around here. Once I return from dropping off Eli at the soccer field, Owen and Braedy have a second dinner. And, this post proves that if I'm not quick enough, they will help themselves.

First, Owen figured out how to reach muffins on his own. In fairness, Braedy left them near the side of the counter and probably had the lid propped off.

At least he was courteous enough to close the container before heading off with his own plate, and own muffin to his own spot at the table. 

He can't take the muffin cups off of the muffins by himself, and he knew he was supposed to ask prior to getting a muffin, so instead, he has figured out he can crush the muffins to get the "good stuff" out. Then, he throws half of the muffin still attached to the paper muffin cup into the trash (only after taking a bite of it and realizing it tastes like paper). Trust me, this has happened at least 3 times today; I know how he works.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here's Owen's explanation of how he came to have a muffin on his plate to eat:
Yeah, we're raising a self sufficient little imp. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hot winter day

Today lived up to all it was billed to be: 80+ degrees with some wind. Honestly, I don't know how a February day could get much better (and truthfully, I'm trying not to think about how much hotter it will be this summer since today was actually quite nice to be outside).

Braedy and I spent most of Owen's nap outside, with him playing in the dirt and both of us drawing various things out of chalk. He wore shorts to school and wasn't even cold.

After picking up Eli from school, I made Eli and Owen both change into shorts and was shocked to realize that, though Owen's outfit from last summer fits, it's awfully tight. It's so hard to realize how much kids are growing when you see them all of the time. 

Here, he's playing "peek" with me (me being behind the camera and him near the tree. I don't pretend to understand the thought process of a 21 month old). 

And finally, Monday evening marked the start of Eli's spring soccer season. Getting food on the table before a 5:30 practice proved to be too chaotic to capture a picture of our budding Pele on Monday, but I did manage to get at least one picture tonight before practice. 

So far, soccer has been going well-it's well organized, the coaches are deliberate with their drills and teaching and there doesn't seem to be a lot of yelling (unlike another team, where the coach had the kids-under 8 mind you-running with a parachute behind them and where the coach could be heard screaming, a soccer field away through 15mph winds). But, this evening, the coaches said the kids who needed practice would stay on defense rather than switching positions so the team would win. Last time I checked, the point at this age isn't all about winning; it's learning to play the game. I find that mentality so disappointing. We have friends who had two different experiences where kids in the U-5 league were benched because they weren't good. U-5! For all I know, David Beckham sucked then, too. At any rate, here's to hoping Eli still enjoys soccer if he does get "stuck" on defense. We are proud of him for trying, and excited he's enjoying it. Right now, that's enough.
Today's post is part of the weekly series "Embrace the Camera" over at the Anderson Crew.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Learning curve

We had friends over this afternoon, and it was 75 degrees outside. Those things combined led to being outside "too long", meaning when we finally got inside, the kids were really hungry, so hungry, in fact, that nothing short of giving them something to eat immediately upon entering the door will suffice. And, when a 21 month old asks for yogurt in a tone that his mom knows will lead to a huge temper tantrum should she not agree, that mom is smart enough to realize that no dinner will be made without giving into the baby. And so, I present: Owen and the yogurt.

But, at least he redeemed himself by staying put when I told him I needed to clean off his hands. And, later in the evening, I was excited to find Eli and Owen sitting, quietly and happily, watching America's Funniest Home videos. 

And now, time to breathe, knowing the kids are asleep and the kitchen is free of any traces of Greek yogurt.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Overheard: opposite ends of the spectrum edition

It's so amazing to hear Owen start to talk!  Every day, he's trying out new words, which is so unlike Eli and Braedy when they were his age. He's been trying to sing his ABCs every time he hears the Alpha Pig on Super Why sing the alphabet (singing "A C, A C") and tries to count (one, two, three and everything else is two, three, two, three). Today, I was floored to hear him identify a truck in his favorite book as "white truck." Apparently, he really does listen when we show him different things in his books.

And then, it's equally humbling to have your oldest child influenced by your choice of quality, well-educated words: "Mom, so you're saying I can eat apples, fruit leather, grapes and all that other crap if I'm hungry." Yep, he's definitely my kid. Crap.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The week in photos

This has been quite the week here. First, Owen's lack of sleep is making my ability to have energy to work out nonexistent, which is not a welcome development right before going to Mexico. Then, there was Valentine's Day; completely not celebrated at our house, unless you are a school-aged kid, in which case, you have parties at school. For Braedy, it was "Elegant Day" (which, in case you were wondering, was called, "The Bane of my Existence" for both Eli and Braedy).
"Happy" Braedy before school. 

Braedy ended up being one of two boys not wearing a tie, but he said if we count the girls, having 7 of 15 kids without ties isn't all that bad.

Braedy did have fun with the food and was extremely proud to open the door for the girl he escorted into the room (the party is about teaching kids proper manners, as well as celebrating Valentine's Day).

Eli's party was much more low key, and though Owen was a complete pistol, it was fun to see Eli laugh so much.

Today, we were finally able to play outside without fear of too much mud or it being so cold we couldn't really enjoy ourselves. Owen was happy as a clam.

And, today is "Embrace the Camera" day. Here are the older two boys and me with a book, written by Braedy and illustrated by both Braedy and me.

So, a random post about a random week, but really, that's just life.